ONLY FULL PASS - All Workshops & All Nights - From 20 To 22

REGULAR PRICE = 145€ + 5€ Eco Contribution*


Only 30 avaialble ---> 09/30.
= 105€ + 5€ Eco Contribution.


Eco Contribution (2000€ in 2023 = 2000 planted trees)*

Eco-participation / Carbon offsetting - Association Planète Urgence (Operation €1 collected = 1 tree planted) 
The All Salsa Festival is all about dancing, happiness and celebration... But it's also about 20 plane tickets to transport the artists who are going to make you dance, including artists from Peru and Colombia, hundreds of kilometers of internal travel by car to pick them up at the airport, take them to the hotel and pick them up in the evening... 100% air-conditioned venues for 3 days for everyone's comfort... that's tons of carbon released into the atmosphere for 3 days of festivities.

But don't feel bad, because dance is essential to us!
Nevertheless, we can no longer live as we did "before", without thinking about our environmental impact, and so we need to "offset" our leisure and comfort consumption as much as possible.
So that we can all dance passionately, with the satisfaction of having contributed to the balance of our planet, the All Salsa team is offering you a carbon offset of €5 in addition to your Full Pass, for the benefit of the Planète Urgence association, representing the planting of 5 trees... The target to be reached, for total compensation and even more: 2000 trees planted (i.e. 400 Full Passes - our festival hosting target + an additional contribution to be made by the All Salsa team, from our own funds).
Thank you for sharing the idea of Responsible Salsa with us!